The Earth is big enough for all. Who taxed the work of people, recharge a curse himself. In the distant future, maybe in a few months a few percent to the sales tax is sufficient Power amplifier of goods and services and a complete freedom from other taxes and duties of any nature. Many experts in Germany worry to a paradigm shift for years. Www.einfacheSteuer.de 3 and 4, this is documented and documented. If already the still valid currency law in 1933 alone within a few years led to an economic miracle, without creating a defence industry, then there should be 2010 way also in the year, to stop the value of those that empty suck the entire ZivilGesellschaft 5 with the aid of the compounding and disclose to the bankruptcy. There is no single reason to maintain this perverted form of exploitation and to defend with the war of words and weapons.

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