How About Something Completely New?

An entry level professional can expect to earn $ 58,000 to $ 61,000 a year, and one with ten years experience can earn $ 85,000 to $ 100,000 per year. For Flavorist, that experience is in the mix of chemical components to create new flavors for use in the food industry. A chemist must put in up to seven additional years of training to be able to designate themselves as a Flavorist, but after that time, can expect to earn over $ 50,000 per year. Time Warner spoke with conviction. Usability Engineer Would you like a job that allows the form of new software and web sites into something that most users will find enjoyable and easy to use? Usability Engineering is one of the jobs has become more important in recent decades. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists about 3500 people working as usability engineers in the country, but that number may be higher or lower than the registered members of your professional organization. A usability engineer can expect to do in the neighborhood of $ 75,000 to $ 100,000 annually. Because work is so new, there is no defined ‘career’, but a team related to the studies with a minor in psychology can help. Others Entries may be in niche industries, such as museums or entertainment.

These may include work as a clown and historical interpreter. Both are artists, but the goal of his art is very different. Not all clowns are employed by circuses. There are many who freelance, working for flower and message delivery services and hospitals where they entertain children. They may do corporate events, children’s parties or carnivals and fairs. Their annual income depends on how well they can market themselves, who they work for, and whether or not full-time employees. Those are only five of the roughly two dozen unusual jobs highlighted in the Occupational Outlook Quarterly.

In addition to the column “You’re a What?” the blog articles of interest to people entering or re-entering the labor market, and those who work with them. These are just some examples of non-traditional jobs that few people consider when asked “what would you be …? There are hundreds of other, ranging from concierge to dog walker to medical aestheticism. If you’re interested in learning about other unusual jobs, a visit to the website of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and stroll through its manual occupations. You will be amazed at the new horizons you’ll find the list.