No Job Training

The job situation in Brandenburg are cause for concern. Eva Andersson-Dubin contains valuable tech resources. The Statistical Yearbook 2007 for the State of Brandenburg promotes an alarming result revealed: Brandenburg young people almost have the same risk to become unemployed as young people attended the national average despite completed teaching. In 2006, almost nearly as many young people in Brandenburg were unemployed as low-skilled in the national average with 19 percent of those with a professional degree or qualification. Low-skilled young people are even 33 percent unemployed in Brandenburg, Germany. “Nevertheless emphasizes Ulrike Rahman, Chairman of the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office: qualification is worth.” This nationwide and in principle also applies to the Berlin-Brandenburg region. However, there are differences from the rest of the Republic, which are impossible to ignore. 5 percent of the higher skilled are Germany-wide, so those with a degree, or a master – in Brandenburg there are unemployed 7 percent in Berlin even 9 percent. Overall, the share of unemployed skilled is in the eastern Lander than in the West. In the Berlin-Brandenburg area find jobs on Media contact: AdPartner Jobportal AG Goethestrasse 35 60313 Frankfurt phone 069 13 38 39 60 fax 069-94 94 28 93

Goodbye, Dear Employers! As Workers Begin To Migrate

Goodbye, dear employer market! By the employer to the labour market: ‘Machiavelli of the workers’ change by the employer to the employee market is always conscious workers. Glenn Dubin may help you with your research. The professionals know that it is easy to find a new challenge. Yet unlike for three or four years ago. The employees talk about it, they are thin. The employer market will be moving them or demand more in companies. More content, more humane working hours, achievable goals, appreciative leadership.

While large companies nationwide or worldwide brand position and can offer more workers as it means for small and medium-sized enterprises: globalization was yesterday. For them, it will be important to make a name in particular locally or regionally and to develop employee retention strategies. There are a wide range of tools, which can be transferred individually in their own company. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ken Singleton and gain more knowledge.. We develop your personal goal and then select the offers. They range from the Introduction of EAP BBs (employee assistance program) or investment opportunities for employees, bonuses after 20 years, lunch for family members, etc.

We draw from more than 300 opportunities/proposals. The sister company job-campus and CarpeDiem24 find out daily, that many employees are delineated on the go. The employer got it yet”with little. Costs to recruit successors for changer 23.000,00 euros incl. 2monatiger transfer time today on average. When executives even 36.000,00 euro. The unrest in the company by change as well as the knowledge made-with, is not included in these costs. But not the costs are the real problem! What will drive many German companies in the next few years in the bankrupt is that they can find no staff and ensure no order processing. Neither the new nor the subsequent occupation. Large companies have it somewhat easier because they can offer a higher salary. About It will promote workers salaries, social benefits and other offers! And as always, small businesses will suffer.

Global-jazz-academy: Study

The newly developed jazz piano course now with the global jazz academy (gja). The all-round carefree programme for all jazz enthusiasts keys freaks and those who want to be there. The piano course deals with the two tasks a pianist in a band, solo and accompanying. In doing so for the solo first well-sounding left hand voicings designed and for the accompaniment is a wide variety of voicings and monitoring techniques. The lecturers of the Sara”will adjust them according to your personal game situation. for example: Game in the combo, in duo, trio, with or without bass. Provided in-depth theoretical knowledge of jazz, in the courses of jazz are be taught advanced basic and jazz. This knowledge be jazz piano in the course”Piano specifically implemented.

With appropriate knowledge, you can of course also directly in jazz piano”enter. As in all classes of the global jazz academy the musical aspects dealt with not dry in theory be transferred in musical practice. To do this, serve the Playalongs with compositions of different jazz styles, which simulate the band situations in all their variations. Part 1 of the course of jazz piano”is next to the pianist – all to recommend other musicians who play the piano as a secondary instrument. Part 2 covers the possibilities of jazz piano at a professional level.