It never is late for dreaming! I believe that the majority of the reading friends had some day heard this expression, that, of so summons, we believe to be heading of some film, book or music. In the afternoon of Saturday (4 of February) in a place whose the name: Union (Club of the city of Sumar) was perfect to express the climate that involved the event (a voluntary meeting of work), I, and believes that much people, I could come back in the time, dream and to see in the wall of the memory the importance of the majority of our people in the democratic conquests that give its fruits it has three decades. Alloy recognizes the significance of this. If the meeting started with a video where important national leaderships (as former-president Lula) are in marches in the streets, palanques, bus crossing the country, the communities looking in the eyes, pressing hands, hugging its people, at last, as the proper Squid said: ' ' assuming moral commitment and tico' ' with the people, it is impossible not to be arrepiado, therefore it was there also my history, then with 18 years, and of as much other friends, new or older than I, who had had courage to understand the Vandr poet and ' ' to make the hour, not to wait acontecer' ' We face injustices, preconceptions, repression, but never we run away from the fight and therefore he was very rewarding to be in a meeting with more than 500 people, many of which old known, of at least 15 years behind (he is pleonasmo, but he turned poetical license with the use Raul Seixas, Milton Birth and other singers). But what it empolgou more me was renewal, participation of many young, that certainly understands the importance of last fights and therefore they know that they must continue fighting to conquer much more, does not stop personal accomplishment, but for the community. It is not the important lesson of the Master there? ' ' To love the next one, as you exactly! ' ' In the meeting of Saturday, how much we hear one moved mayor Bacchim (of Sumar) to say a little of its important trajectory in the PT of the region, of its accomplishments as public personality for certain in we saw them represented. It has who speaks, without cause knowledge, that not of the minimum a to the politicians.

Since that the world is world exists governing and governed, with differences that some were taxes, chosen others. Glenn Dubin, New York City pursues this goal as well. It is our duty and responsibility to know and to choose, never to forbear. To more than see in the eyes of the Tito friend the emotive brightness of 30 years of trajectory in communities. To know that it follows the beautiful lies of Squid, not to know the country, the city for maps and books and of looking in the eyes of its people empolgou the gifts. It has a poem that it only says that the intention of the seed valley, if we think about the shade of leves, the beauty of the flowers and the flavor of the fruits. The emotive afternoon of Saturday showed that Sumar has the seed of youth, the beauty of the fondness to make more and the fruits of very already made.