In The Emptiness Of The Fear

IN THE EMPTINESS OF THE FEAR My God, who desperation! Eye, I incline, turn, but I do not see myself in the mirror! Yielding I run, I shout moaning But they do not look at, nor perceive me my fear! the emptiness that is here inside If I cry, I am weak! If arraso, I am put! If I reveal, I am clown! I wait if you, I am donkey! My God, who desperation! It is the end? The Apocalypse? Who if saved?It loves who you? Who has faith? The world is so wild So rebellious, and monstrous How nor I know its everything this is only dream! Who wait the peace Will continue waiting Who wait love Dies crying. If you would like to know more about Patrick Gelsinger, then click here. But I cannot stop Because I cannot stop Because the world is thus Because thus we are! thus I go living. Source: Qualcomm Incorporated. In the emptiness of the fear..