Google AdWords does not work.” Help your team member to find a detailed training on how to properly use AdWords. There are some good resources available. Most of the time people go up and give it a try, because it seems so easy. But not that it is simple – you must understand the system and learn how it works. I had a guy who was involved last year and began to advertise on AdWords, despite my advice not to go that route yet.

He spent time $ 400 in advertising, did not sponsor anybody, and left. “I tried to present our opportunity to showcase full-color brochures. The opportunity to know that we do not work.” Contact your downline member to know who they gave the magazines, they were told, and most importantly – I tracked? Many people only distributes the material without discretion and never with anyone keep track of the persons to whom they are given. Teach your downline that monitoring is the key to success. “I posted messages in several different forums for a month, and only one person contacted me and he did not get involved. The setting in forums does not work.” Help them learn how to properly present bulletin boards and how to use signatures. Many people only begin to fix it and make it very obvious that they are there for a reason – to recruit. This does not work.

“I published a website, but did not get any visitors. This online network marketing system is not it works. “You know that a website must be promoted in the right places, and this may take a while to start getting any visitors. The team member can not understand this. Some people think,” If you are filing , they will come “. The essence of all this – support and train your downline. Help your team member to understand that there are many ways to get prospects for your business, but all methods require an understanding of how to operate them. Help pass the excuses and avoid “the blame game.”