Hit TVeu Runs

Passing an electric Speedster in the BIC Stenn Zwickau/Stenn – last Tuesday was the Managing Director of media service Lohs”, Jana Lohs, the key to a new TAZZARI ZERO for the television hit TV.eu against. It is hit-TV.eu of proud owner of the first private certified electric cars in Zwickau. The little electric runabout, known from the RTL series alarm fur Cobra 11 “, is used in the future as vehicles and company cars. “According to tradition, others talking about it, let’s do it!” hit TV.eu on the subject of electric mobility is a pioneer. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular. For this reason, because the energy efficiency on short-haul routes over conventional cars is much higher. In addition to the environmental aspects, also economic reasons play a major role.

Heiko Richter, Project Director of hit TV.eu, is enthusiastic: straight for our rides, which are mostly within a radius of 20 to 30 kilometers, is the electric car is virtually unbeatable. It is ready, agile, fast and affordable. Consumption costs current costs per 100 kilometers at only 2.50 euro. Also proposes positive record. a tax exemption for five years” Stadtwerke Meerane support this innovation and deliver, in addition to a monthly sponsorship contribution, also the corresponding green electricity. Johannes Jahn of the Zwickau, smiles Center welcomes the joint action: we assist hit TV.eu, because the TV channel works very innovative, future-oriented and environmentally conscious. He met also a role model to his viewers.”