The Mind

Currently, we live in a society where the rationality prevails. For even more details, read what Leslie Moonves says on the issue. Everything is thought and rethink, nothing he is spontaneous. To have the domain of the reason is the ideal of the mind contemporary. In ours day-by-day, we reaffirm truths as if they were invariant. With this attitude, we believe that we become in them right, when we act following to them what they determine. We feel ourselves firmer, safe, to the one accomodating in them to a conservadorismo that alliviates in them of the investigations.

In the reality, the endeusamento of the reason is in becoming mentally ill, indifferent, apticos and submissos the beings. Throwing the question: Who said that to have the reason it is to have really? The text treated here searchs the understanding of the dynamics of the reason, therefore in it will supply subsidies to them so that let us can have a better knowledge of our attitudes, of our behaviors and thoughts. With this, we will be able to prevent the method of clipping produced for ours egocentrismo, by means of which, many times, we elaborate truths that if become definitive in our lives. Care! The conceived truths, without questionings, from an unilateral vision, when being accepted, compel in them to act in accordance with what they preceituam, thus transforming subjective rules into general rules, in imprisoning they. All we know that no human being is perfect. Then why we want to find in us or to demand of the other the perfection? The people live wanting to save or to correct the same defects of the others and if they forget to save itself, correcting the proper defects. We are worried in ‘ ‘ to be with razo’ ‘ we forget to verify if this implies ‘ ‘ to be verdadeiro’ ‘.