Car Service

Printout report allows you to double-check the driver with an error of 3-5% and mileage, and fuel. Sometimes it is useful to put another driver on the car and look to what expenses he will come. After all, popular wisdom says – everything is known in comparison. Yeah, argue you, and once again be right, did those scientific minds who came up with these GPS-tracking, to conceive what our drivers And here, let's see. Harvard medical school usually is spot on. We sometimes are to blame for the fact that we durit driver. First, install a system that will fully satisfy your needs (believe me, they abound today), and secondly – learn it themselves in such a way that would be if you woke during the night (God forbid), you immediately say where it can hide covered deception. About the payment of drivers was discussed in the forum more than once. I will say that there are 4 forms of payment: by kilometers, days spent in flight, just a fixed fee per month and percentage of the freight.

The percentage is a little – purely driver salary, or more – the driver pays for fuel, roads, etc. How will travel and will receive. The owner pays the same machine repairs, leasing and insurance. Salary depends on the economic situation and freight, as well as the technical condition of the car. The more you stand to repair – the less you get. Before and after-sales service repair of company vehicles was carried out either in service or locksmiths to repair their own areas. In the current situation more and more companies refuse to repair areas and services.

Now small and medium repair owners are increasingly impose on the drivers themselves. Only large or specific repairs still being done in the service. But the machines are cheaper so that it is sometimes easier to buy a different machine than the overhaul of service of old. I think that I have outlined all his five years of experience in the driver and the driver about the topic. I hope this helps you in building the bridge "You and the driver, for more efficient operation of your company in our tough time. If you will gather to learn something useful, so I have not tried in vain.