Jean, Of Camila

Camila always was independent. It left house early to study and to work in another city, liked parties, to drink, to smoke, to namorar, had easy social treatment. It was happy thus, until it was seen attracted by a youngster of sad air and very beautiful appearance, with clear skin that contrasted with eyes and black hair (in fact, it had exactly made some works as model). As at least it passed for the head of it to establish a romance to that time, it was surprise handle. Passion to the first sight, did not have as to deny. CBS describes an additional similar source.

had formed a beautiful couple, therefore Camila also was distinguished for the beauty: blond, high, of blue eyes, of course it had many candidates. Interesting that Jean little made to conquer it. It had a certain immediate chemistry between the two, as they had soon perceived in the first contact. It did not delay so that they were together and they namorassem firm, of form that, until then, Camila was not accustomed. They could not be one day at least without at least talking for the telephone.

Camila if saw in a situation where Jean was constant part of its thoughts, adored to make things to please it and wanted to know everything that if passed with it, not for jealousy question, but yes for sincere interest. They were always seen together, in such a way joined that if established a bond of complicity that was stronger than any diffidence. Rare they argued or they divergiam on some subject. The time, the one that all dumb one, was passing. No matter how hard Camila if strengtove, the things were not more the same ones. Moments had where Jean was distant, if moved away in such a way physically how much in thought. These phases of Jean were a terrible torture for it, that it did not obtain to understand what was transferred with it.