The Moment

The really important and that the effect triggering is that we as well as only possible again recall our feeling we had at the said time,. That we, if possible, it real experience again, that we again feel it at this very moment, in the here and now. So an intense again meet with our sense of salvation be enable. This certainly sometimes requires a little practice, repeated trial and error, and the continuous use of effort. “You need so DISziplin, repeatedly to steer the focus towards relief, even if the other, the distracting”, what is always the also repeatedly tries to push to the fore.

Sometimes the small miracle that it uberraschenderweise same way right off the bat, and we are surprised that it was so easy to hop from suffering to joy. To do this, I can only say life as such is not to control, we can admit it only as such, perhaps a little draw, but it not just predict. But above all, we can, and this seems to be basically beneficial to our well-being we participate constructively in the life process by we meet the necessary requirements, which GEwahren free flow the flow of life in his property of fluidity. We can’t control life though, and that’s a good thing, but we can support it and encourage, so that it can satisfy us undisturbed in his capacity as our mother. On the present topic, this means that we allow us generelles well-being and basically allow, but just in case individual bother us must determine, where we can find this well being just in the said individual case. We can therefore in the immediate relief and pacification Again remember of our salvation being in the moment know but also as a result of the healing process which is taking place in the Beruhrung and the passage through of our crises and challenges. We must determine what at the moment is, what is important for us in the respective augenblick for our well-being, we must decide.