Galvanizing Installation

For copying and reproducing articles from a variety of materials used in electroforming method. (A valuable related resource: David Zaslav). Proper for this and used galvanic plant. House these works can also be produced. For this kind of work suitable vessels of almost any shape, but their selection will depend on the size of items to be reproducing. (Similarly see: Glenn Dubin, New York City). As bathrooms can be used as glass and plastic, ceramic (glazed) and viniplastovye vessels. To perform electrolysis requires a source of dc voltage of 6.3 volts. More accessible to domestic conditions – rectifier for battery charging (output – 7-10 aa at a voltage of 6V.) Density current during operation must be on 1 square decimeter 1-2A. Adjustment is made by a rheostat.

In circuit switched direct current ammeter to measure current and a voltmeter to monitor voltage. In bath on hangers strengthened anode (the copper electrode) and cathode (form). Suspension should be made of copper or brass and should not reach the level of electrolyte in the bath to avoid corrosion. The distance from the suspended to form copper electrode should be between 15 and 20cm. Copper anode can be a plate of copper thickness 3-4mm. and more. The form of a dielectric material previously covered with conductive powder or other material that attached to the negative pole (cathode). To operate the installation uses copper electroplating electrolyte based on copper sulfate and sulfuric acid.

Detection And Elimination Of Forest Fires

In addition, the order of the state forest enterprises are obliged to fully control raise demands on companies, organizations, institutions and other businesses and individuals working or having different objects in forests, on the detection and elimination of its forces and means of fires occurring in their places of work or finding objects. In this work all these capabilities must be built so that every fire in area of forest fund could be detected at the beginning of his appearance, so that the message of the fire was immediately transmitted to the item, arrange fire and that the necessary forces and means of extinguishing timely return of the fire and ensured their elimination as soon as possible. Responsibility for the preparation and organization of all forces and means of detecting and extinguishing fires and for the timely liquidation of fires territories of forest enterprises responsible for forest owners and managers. For more specific information, check out Glenn Dubin. Forest management authority in the Russian Federation will organize supervision of the owners of forest resources and forest managers to implement measures to ensure timely detection and fire suppression, and provide them with necessary assistance, bearing in mind that the forest fire protection is one of the most important state problems. In order to prevent forest fires, fight them, the relevant bodies of state power: every year organizes the development and implementation of enterprises, institutions and organizations entrusted with the safety and protection of forests and forest activities on fire prevention, fire fighting arrangement and preparation of the said enterprises, institutions and organizations to the fire season; annually claim before the fire season, the operational plans for combating forest fires; establish the procedure for public involvement, employees of collective farms, state farms and other agricultural groups, workers and employees, as well as fire-fighting equipment, vehicles and other assets of enterprises, institutions and organizations for fighting forest fires, provide persons involved in this work means transportation, food and medical care; provide parameters during periods of high fire danger in the forests of the creation of the involved forces and means forest fire units and ensure their readiness for immediate departure to If you have a forest fire, assist in the construction and maintenance of fire-fighting purposes, airfields and landing strips for planes and helicopters used in carrying out works on aviation protection of forests in providing fuel and lubricants forest fire units, and allocation to the fire season at the disposal of government forest management as duty transport required number of vehicles, boats and other vehicles with a stock of fuel; organize an extensive fire propaganda, regular coverage in print, on radio and tv matters savings forests, compliance with fire safety in forests; ensure coordination of all activities to combat forest fires, creating, where necessary, special committees for this goal.