Easily the Emperor in the Tarot of Marseilles can give us you rule of conduct to follow. He is an arcane one that Pisa firmly in the ground, is practical. Its mind logically analyzes the things that happen and it gives a good sense point them. When seated being in its throne, to we can relate it to the Emperor to its success, a success deserved and secured with effort and discipline. The Emperor, like Patriarch, always will be bound with the Empress. The union is, besides symbolic, totally necessary. The Emperor is a great narrator of histories tells, them on masters, because their histories are the lived ones in first person.

He has fought to maintain united empires, he has obtained and it. They are empires that unite the different forms to see the world on the part of the humanity. The order is another one of the characteristics of the Emperor. It is a universal order, where the law is fundamental part of this great structure. The Tarot of Marseilles gives a special emphasis him to this masculine and simultaneously divine figure. The kingdom of the balance is based on the balance that stays between opposite poles but, simultaneously, complementary. The balance between masculine and the feminine thing.