Russian Fishing Year

Download game Russian Fishing Year: 2004 Developer: OOO "Russian Fishing 'Platform: PC System requirements: P4 733 Mhz, 128Mb RAM, Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista, Disk Space: 180 Mb Language: Russian Multiplayer: Internet can imagine you a game about fishing, or fishing – economic simulation game for which you can spend many an evening in anticipation of nepogozhy real fishing. For more clarity and thought, follow up with James H. Billington and gain more knowledge.. The essence of the game is to catch fish – make money and spend it on other gear needed for fishing stuff. At the beginning of the game you are given a small amount of money that you need to spend wisely, buying the rod, reel, fishing line and hooks, and the remains of bait and bait buy. Do not forget about food, because on a real fishing you very quickly want to eat. Also do not forget to buy podsachek, because without it you will not be able to catch large specimens! And finally the gear and food are bought, assembled fishing rod, bait mixed up, ready to podsachek – time go fishing.

Initially available to us only a small pond near the house, but nothing – and then, sometimes, come across major trophies. Throws the bait, after adjusting the depth, try to find a place with a difference depths, are places like the fish more than flat bottom. Do not forget the bait, it is one of the keys to success, and later with experience you learn what bait works best for a particular fish in a certain place. Catch some fish, do not rush to take it all in store at bargain prices, read the first announcement – probably right now in an expensive restaurant you want is exactly the kind of fish you caught this morning. When you get tired to play yourself, you can try to play online, face off in tournaments with other players, is also available in a single database record. To access the online features the game will need to purchase a PIN code on the official site. Game features: Huge selection of tackle, lures and baits A large number of locations * Ability to catch a spinning, float fishing rod, donk, fly bites * Audible alarms, makes it possible to minimize the game window, without fear miss a bite * More than 10 000 users online game about fishing

Power Pro

A detailed description and comparison of conventional fishing line (Monofilament) and braided fishing lines can be found in the article by Shabalina 'Dedication to the spinning' Part 2, repeat no sense, and if you're going for pike, perch, or say, a catfish – that you will not braid tight. The situation with Braids exactly is the same as with monoleskoy – a lot left, so recommend something concrete is difficult. Few catches left FireLine, Power Pro, Salmo. For more information see Gavin Baker. Leftism is, basically, the disparity between the breaking load of figures on the packaging (essential below) and the so-called spontaneous 'uzlenii' fishing line, when after a few casts spontaneously braid tied in a knot with a pretty eyelet. If you're not going to catch som exclusively, it does not sense to buy a basket with a diameter greater than 0.2 mm, as for the fishing line with the tensile stress (about 13-14 kg) is needed is a more powerful tackle. BAIT selection of spinning baits today is large enough, and you can spend a lot of time before showcase the fishing department, trying to determine at what kind of tchotchke submitted splendor will get caught fish. Minimum required for a beginner spinning is described here.

Leads and fasteners Fasteners (Karabinchiki) are needed for attaching lures to a fishing line and a quick replacement. They come in various designs and sizes, but early enough for a dozen buckles number 1 and number 2. The leash is put between the spoon and fishing line to avoid cutting the pike fishing line.