Fernando Henrique Cardoso

That in the ideological field, many debates leave the formality and truck for a body the body next this is easy to imagine. At the moment the fight in the field you influence of them, they are and they go to relieve much more, recently former-president Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB), published in the magazine National Interest, an article that categorically breached the partisan cordialidade between peessedebistas and petistas, the document presented as text the suggestion of that the planto Toucans must prevent disputes with the party of the workers, the influence in social movements, or the povo, and to prioritize the classroom ' ' C' '. In this last fifth fair 14 of April, in London, the commander and great icon of the Party of the Workers, Squid launches to the subject a controversy saying: ' ' sincerely I do not know as somebody studies in such a way and later it wants to forget the povo. The povo is the reason of being the Brasil' '. To esquentar all still more this dispute of attention, Fernando Enrique in interview to the Program Starting the Day, with the journalist Alexander Axe, in the radio Culture in So Paulo, pondered of the following form: ' ' for politician-ideological reasons, they say that the PSDB is of the elite and the PT is of the people, this is not truth. I chose two times president, I I made the social politics. Who started all these social programs of stock market was mine governo' '. Still in its declaration the former-president Toucan, tells that Squid does not have moral, affirming that the PSDB is representation of the social elite, and that the same it said to be against the privatizations, but that, however the Petista government all adhered the movement introduced for my government, Squid if pronounced in a lecture in the Telephonic Spanish company that in 1988 the Telesp bought during the process of privatization of the Telebrs system, earning U$ 100 a thousand, if not yet was enough its son is partner of a telephony company. .


It turns on the nonsenses that have occurred have decades in the country. These directly reflect the actions of the majority of the public personalities and are to the few, creating chaste, lowering the Nation. Conclama the people to read and to repass the information in this contained substance, so that if it joins in the defense of its citizenship, the Nation, the Democracy and the Brazilian State. ' ' After the freedom disappearing, it remains a country, but already it does not have ptria.' ' Chateaubriand INTRODUO reading Friends, Since 2008 I have written for diverse sites of the Internet. One of first and the main one of them, was the BRASILWIKI.

One extracts of all my substances? exactly the ones that rank of the authorship of others, that my focus is the people, its rights, the public action of the representatives of the State-beings and beings against the rights of this exactly people. John Brown contains valuable tech resources. I disclose my indignity before the events. I indicate what I think well of the truth and mainly to the Light of Justice would have to occur. I never nailed the violence, but the PEACE. I know that everything what he is human has imperfections, for its proper origin. You may find that Eva Andersson-Dubin can contribute to your knowledge.

However, I also know pain that I feel when evidencing all the evil that occurs to my fellow creatures, caused does not matter for who. The Brazilian public personalities in its majority represent itself same, not to the people and its acts are inqualificveis for the positions which had been hoisted by vote. Lies of all the luck are said, writings, repeated and published without the lesser shame. Our pensioners-main of RGPS (INSS), pass necessities exactly. They had been ludibriados by this government, previous and for that they had preceded to these. Professional politicians have chosen themselves and reelected in the entire country, on account of these citizens, its families, relatives and friends.

National Conference

Politically he is sufficiently advantageous to firm the model of democratic state of right, over all for the participation of the society organized in the process of conduction of the actions to be developed for the state, diminishing with this the power of one alone person. Exactly in way to this sprouting it model of society and state that comes being molded in Brazil, appeared our Only System of the Health. Stuck in the conceptual root of the new Brazilian democracy and with the main objective to take care of the demand of the people who as much lacked of worthy assistance of health; Without some was revealed of form the assistencialismo and the clientelismo, and under a participativa management where the users, workers and managers could have a participation accomplish and direct in this new model of global public health. The concept of social control is one of the basic principles of the SUS, beyond being an important innovation guaranteed for constitution, as form of magnifying of the citizenship rights and as form of magnifying of the participation of the workers in the management, generating surrounding solidary and new possibilities of bonds of the workers with the institutions – as revealed for the National Conference of Health of 2004.Dito this we have finally that to reflect on the conduction of the current SUS; New challenges appear to each day and make with that let us have all (worked, managing and using) to assume, the responsibility for a maintenance of a social conquest that is of the Brazilian people. We have that to face with courage and determination the task to understand that a public health plus one not to have solely of the state and that it cannot more determine of sovereign form the routes to be followed. me to the same conclusion. It is vital that the participativa management exactly assumes the default of some public managers does not have the minimum of knowledge of the principles of the system; Its propositor, fiscalizador paper and of citizenship next to the system. Diligent we we have that to have the full conscience of effectively we are you mainly participate effective right-handers and in the condition of health of the population and that with public health is not played. Everything is very technician and must be reverted for the society as a whole, and it does not stop taking care of to yearnings politicians of whom it has in the assistencialismo its bigger flag, without understanding that with this they are only increasing the social inaquality.. .

Planning Brasilia

The management based on the systemize results inside of the perspectives of the excellency criteria National Prize of Gesto Pblica (PQGF) represents an advance in the power to decide process. This evidence was made from the analysis of the questionnaire how much to the proposal of use of the system of pointers based in the model of excellency of the public administration that supplies the subsidies necessary an integrated evaluation of the management for the managers and basic importance to make possible the social control by means of the transparency of the management. It is distinguished priorizao of the use of pointers that direct action for the attendance to the citizen and the effectiveness of the reached results, preventing, in case that contrary, that the quality of management is only in the label.

The way for the development of a set of pointers of the judiciary member of labor party in national scope that allow to construct comparative referenciais (benchmarking), favoring social and managemental the control, also for intermediary of the electronic government is opened, suggesting it use of the picture reference developed in the dissertao of Blacksmith (2007). The Judiciary system must leave of being seen as a set of agencies disentailed between itself, each one carrying through the judgement in its way and to pass to be seen as really a system of distribution of trustworthy justice and clere. BRAZIL references. Managing plan of the Reformation of the Device of Estado (PDRAE).

Brasilia: Ministry of the Administration Federal and the Reformation of the State. Brasilia: TIDE, 1995 BRAZIL. Ministry of the Planning, Budget and Management. Secretariat of Management. Program of the Quality in the Public Service.