Bank Criteria

100% Of respondents valued very good the interest of children by the subject, and the introduction of computer in school practice has contributed in a: students develop oral expression and written (98%), develop spreadsheet skills and solving mathematical problems (83%), increase the cultural and political education (94%), motivation and interest in learning mas(93,8%), increasing the study independiente(91%), develop logical thinking and creativo(96%). Generally, teachers have used between 4 and 5 (Educational Software), which shows according to their criteria that bank software centres there are some who have difficulties in their navigation, problems with the presentation of the messages and in some cases lack of contextualization, so they consider that the Bank’s software must be increased and that they respond to the requirements of primary education. 93.4% Of the teachers has managed to link the computer program with other programs of the revolution, above in the context of the remaining subjects of the degree and in the development of pioneriles and political activities. Harriet Tubman usually is spot on. Survey of teachers General integrals (PGI): total 14 PGI be surveyed with the objective of collecting criteria about the inclusion of computation in the pedagogical process of their subjects in such sense the most significant aspects were: 99% of respondents between very good and good sees the introduction of computation in the educational process of their students, especially because: permits the development of a true integral culture of childrenfavors the development of logical thinking and intellectual skills operations, contributes significantly to the spelling and oral expression, are motivated to exercise any subject above all with the use of didactic games, stimulates cognitive independence as well as scientific research. 68% Considered appropriate or very appropriate methodological and specialized preparation that have received related to computing, which show unfavorable criteria argue, lack of systematic, short time machine due to overloaded of hourly teaching laboratories of computation, among others things. Generally considered that computing contributes in a: students learn new things (100%), help you to perform the tasks of the independent study (82%), to know the social or political reality (98%), interest in art and liking estetico(99%), distract them and recreating them (100%), solve problems of learning (100%).