Israeli Corals

These algae can grow in water with high salt content and lack of oxygen – in the circumstances in which can not survive in other organisms. The study found that in deep caverns accumulate decaying remains of living organisms. Formed in them black mud the top is covered with a film of bacteria. According to scientists, the work will explore the principles of such ecosystems in the hot springs and lakes under the ice of Antarctica, as well as help to detect previously unknown organisms and biochemical processes, contributing to new discoveries. Many writers such as Comcast offer more in-depth analysis. Due to global warming, corals change sex Israeli and Japanese scientists have discovered that the inhabitants of the Sea of Japan – corals – have ability with increasing water temperature to change their sex from female to male. According to the observations of scientists, most of the female mushroom coral during a strong increase in temperature change their sex to more adapted to survive with a deficit of vital resources, male. Previously, the ability to change sex was discovered by researchers in various kinds of insects, fish and trees, as for corals, the scientists believed that over the entire period of evolution, they have not created any means of protection against extreme conditions, including change and gender.

The data of the study may help when grown in artificial conditions of mushroom corals, which have high endurance. Idea of how they will grow coral reproduction in large quantities. In coral reefs inhabited by thousands of species of living organisms, however, resulted in the extinction of corals, many of them are threatened with extinction.