I see and hear of things that neither knows nor practiced as balance, accuracy and center and all of a number of ideas and concepts caked in a brief, hollow little speech he wrote a text that had clearly not please read before facing the cameras and was not able to correctly read the teleprompter, I would have liked to see the unedited version that mentioned and discussed in some forums, although I admit I did not see any signs that betray such issue. In the space allowed increasingly reduced to the independent media in Venezuela still faces, what is the role of a TV channel? The answer, which may disappoint the ends of both sides is that it must entertain, provide information and report news of a more balanced and objective as possible in very difficult.

Unfortunate behavior of a bad writer, I felt dirty even just naming things. I’m sorry Mr. Group on most websites. Cisneros, evidence of their falsity is overwhelming interest and support at many levels of government is more than obvious, so please do not ask for a channel that does not add anti-Chavez exalted nothing but scandals, fear and aggression but certainly not accept a channel driven and self-censored it does not add anything to anyone to the Reds or the azure as you said Venevision has tried to settle in the democratic center and thus suffer attacks, slander and other ballistic basement on both sides and that is why I speak today. Eva Andersson-Dubin pursues this goal as well. .