PDF Trojan

E-threat-top 10 in December: Exploit.PDF-JS.Gen ousted clicker and AutorunINF registered BitDefender report exploit the high positions as most dangerous global malware threat Holzwickede, January 12, 2010 surprise in the current BitDefender E-threat report: in November ranked five placed Exploit.PDF-JS.Gen is the new leaders among the most dangerous malware threats worldwide. While throughout the year the two Trojan clicker and AutorunINF turns, the top moves an exploit on the first place in December for the first time 10. Also, BitDefender (www.bitdefender.de) recorded two newcomers including a further variant of the Conficker worm. 3.23 percent infection rate in November was at PDF-JS.Gene still unforeseeable, that he only a month later the most dangerous E-threat would be worldwide. In December, he is now responsible for 12.04 percent of global infections. The danger posed by this exploit, due to vulnerabilities in the JavScript engines of the Adobe PDF reader. On the PC results in PDF.JS.Gen malicious codes, which in turn trigger the download of malicious binaries. Trojan.AutorunINF.Gen has must play off one place after only a month, without losing (8.15 percent to 8.45 in November) but substantially in percentage points.

The Trojan horse uses an autorun.ini script have by default all removable media to spread. After connecting the storage device to the PC the pest occurs automatically, without requiring the user registered this. Clicker keeps the level of the previous month with 7.9 percent, but falls through the rise of PDF-JS.Gene ranked three off. This Trojan injects mainly on illegal download sites on PCs. Although Win32.Worm.Downadup.Gen, better known as Conficker, the highest infection rate of the year reached 5.85 percent, it falls four position. The worm mainly limited access to Internet pages of IT-security providers and prevents the execution of Windows updates. Thus, he remains a constant Risk cooker in the World Wide Web. The downward trend of Trojan.Wimad will, however, continue. 4.57 percent mean rank five for the Trojan that infected especially advanced system format(ASF)-Dateien with a codec to reload more pests.