Ying Technique

Before using any equipment, either, whether, say, a gas or electric, car, air compressor, iron, motoplug, notebook, instrument, telephone (mobile or landline or payphone, even) or other technology, it is useful to read the instructions. In addition, the instruction should oznakomlivatsya right near the device, using, working personally with the technique. Prosizhivanie in class – this class is satisfactory, but still need to touch things that are being studied. This recommendation has limited bearing on the compressor. For example, buy compressor – a strong step. In turn, must then learn how to use This technique, not to have to make premature compressor repair. And to use such a way that it did not bring any harm to anyone who works with him, nor located around people, not destroying located around environment, as well as not breaking the technique.

Not all the annotations are simple. And it's pretty sad. Imagine, if you take the book, but there complicated scientific language. His friendship with such a book is likely to be short-lived. If the statement complex, in that case may have to ask people who know or understand the technology independently or with instruction in practice. Last is best done with the measures of caution.

By this technique, necessary during construction and repair facilities as compressors, there are also instructions. It is noteworthy that they are quite simple. In some instructions slightly affected by the maintenance of the compressors. Regulations safe operation of a fairly important and surprisingly reasonable, because it is security and they are not composed without any reason. Maybe they have some data to the company withdrew from the responsibility for case if something happens. But you know what the rules are rational when they uzuchaesh. If not follow instructions, the possibility that it will be necessary to repair the compressor, compressor or service increases, which result, it is likely to idle in the work due to lack of necessary equipment and financial losses to the company or in construction.