Jirau Place

It possesss 360 km of extension, 72 meters of unevenness (declivity of 20 cm/km) and approximately 18 waterfalls. The limit is the waterfall of Saint Antonio (7 km and sum of Porto Velho). High Wood: it starts in the waterfall of Saint Antonio and finishes in its estuary. It is frankly navigable. Figure 2.

The River Wood in the Amazonian Basin Ambient Problems and Possible Solutions In the River Wood, this being constructed two plants, one in the Waterfall of Saint Antonio, who presents great variety of fish, the most diverse sizes, the access is possible for saw road, fluvial and railroad, the place is explored p year all for tourism companies, and another one in the Waterfall of the Jirau, also located in this river, is a rustic place and attraction tourist it is on account of llha of the Embaba, the old place of mineral prospecting, possessing a track of landing for small airplanes, also of the time of it I pan (WEDGE, et al, 2002) the represamento of the rivers mainly provokes the interruption of the migratory flow with the reproductive or trficos ends compromising the reproduction of the supplies of fish of the system. On these aspects the main consequences on ictiofauna are first the rupture of the structure of the communities of fish of the area of new species that can compromise the maintenance of the old community that they even though cause in involved environments or the complete disappearance of the fish (WEDGE, et al, 2002). To prevent the removal of the species and to guarantee that the reproductive cycles are concluded they consider it construction of Systems For the Transposition of the fish. The microfauna (zooplncton) and microflora (fitoplncton) of the area of construction of the plant, will be affected by the clareamento of the repressada water, therefore the ray solar will go to penetrate deeply in that region.