Have you ever wondered why things go me wrong? Or why you do this to me? The reality is that have gone to everyone at some point in our lives this kind of thinking through the mind against any circumstance or situation. The attitude we take in daily situations are that will determine how you will flow throughout your day. Samantha Lewes is actively involved in the matter. Most of the time people tend to think negative before certain events, which paralyzes us and limited to explore new ways of seeing things. Our words have power, so the Bible says so, says it the neurolinguistic programming and so we see it every day in our lives. In the Bible we see an example of a Job that says what was afraid that befell me. We’ve seen people who are also judged Brutes, incapable, powerless and valuable.

These people probably heard that a teacher, or their parents or simply adopted that idea eventually end up believing it without being aware that the body is responding to what they proclaim about themselves. I’ve seen people who have changed their How to speak and think and have had extraordinary results in their lives. Many times we seek solutions complicated and suffered because we believe it must always be so, more we however leave unnoticed that if we change the attitude of negativity or negative words can see significant changes. We must always seek the positive side of things because there is something positive out of everything bad that happens to us always. I really like a few words that God said to Jeremiah the Prophet when it complained in front of him; If you entresacaras the precious from the vile, shalt be as my mouth, iWao! that kind of advice from the Divine Creator. Finally, we have the power to choose so if we proclaim negative thoughts we cannot expect positive things, but if we proclaim thoughts and positive attitudes are going to see how things are going to flow differently. I leave you with these questions to help you see life from another perspective. What will change if it acted this way? My meclaran words life or death? Have I left other situations worse than this? Why do not could you then exit this? What then prevents me from advancing?