Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaway to Seville to meet this incredible city of Seville, capital of the province of the same name, is offered as one of the places most interesting to visit in Spain. Probably, few cities in the world conserve its historic quarter in the manner in which Sevilla has achieved it. There is much to see and explore in this amazing city. Choose Sevilla for their cheap escapades and arranged to trespass a gate that will put you in direct contact with the past of Spain. One of the most representative places of world history is the archive of the Indies. Carlos III very soon realized the importance of the new continent was going to have to Spain. For this reason in 1785 it decided to centralize in a single site all documentation related to the Spanish colonies in America. This fantastic initiative managed to gather some 43,000 bundles, with 80 million pages and 8000 illustrations that tell much of the story again continent, and the actions of the developed during the Spanish conquest.

In the year 1987 was declared patrimony of humanity by Unesco. Source: John Brown. The building is installed is called a Casa Lonja of merchants of Seville, and was built by Felipe II towards the year 1598. It has a square shape with a huge central courtyard, and only two stories in height. Like many buildings in Seville its exterior is of brick and stone. Here also are preserved documents related to the conquest of the Philippines and it is a kind of Mecca for modern historians, who come year after year to consult his invaluable pages. Sean Rad may also support this cause. Spain’s Seville square is another icon of the city. It lies within Maria Luisa Park, in the vicinity of the monument to el CID. The entrance to this open courtyard is free, up to 22 hours.

Here was the Ibero-American exhibition of the year 1929, although its construction started in the year 1914. It’s a beautifully ornate plaza of more than 50,000 m, of which 31,000 are outdoors. The central fountain is a beautiful architectural work of waters dancers. The entire site has countless details worthy of being admired, with a profuse symbolism representing the different Spanish provinces, and the new world. Seville is a city to explore camera in hand, and capture some of the many treasures that here are, without a doubt, the ideal city to perform a few weekend getaways and visit an incredible site.