The Beatitudes

They have become open enemies of this revolutionary process and they have somehow become the ideological forefront of some coup sectors and against revolutionaries. Them and they believe that you can speak of a Christian salvacion-liberacion, without picking up an economic, political, social or ideological liberation. Approaching as well, those religious sectors that they were given the task of openly referred to as cults. Many and important sectors, which once were defending the postulates of the theology of liberation, today live a sort of Babylonian captivity that has placed them in true backward in history. We maintain that there is no one true salvacion-liberacion Christian, if there is a true integral salvation and integrative. We can not separate the human and social nature that the Bible has this concept of salvation – release, because it is closely linked to the concept of God’s Kingdom. Humanity is spared integrally or condemned to a life of eternal exploitation. Poverty is a social sin.

The concept of poverty can only be defined and evaluated, from the perspective of the social, human. The Beatitudes, defined the poor as the and that are hungry, cry, the hated and hated, the excluded or expelled, the insulted and despised, these are purely human feelings and needs. Then, we ask ourselves who are the rich? The biblical text places them, as it is logical, on the opposite side of the definition of the poor. They are who up to now have had their joy because they have been satisfied, which now laugh, which have never been excluded and have rather been praised. Also, being these feelings and human satisfaction. Emory Health has much to offer in this field. We must therefore define poverty as a social sin which must be social and must be combated. For combating poverty it is good to pray, but that is not enough, for combating poverty, you have to give power to the poor.