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The candidate has begun saying that the education must acquire " a speed of crucero" and there is underlining that " with the education it will be possible to be grown for being competitive and to create job " and to leave the crisis by means of the economy of the knowledge. To finish with the scholastic failure has praised the paper of the education to foment the equality of the society and has said that it costs much to change the education of a country, " that one does not change only in the BOE". The candidate of the PSOE is lawyer so that whatever more people is educated and during more time, " mejor" , and he has sentenced that " educative amount and the quality marcarn" the rate of the new times. The failed student " he can finish like excluido" , he has noticed Perez Rubalcaba, who has come up on the scholastic abandonment, as it happened, in their opinion, when about 900,000 young people let their studies to work attracted by " bubble inmobiliaria" , and " now they are without work and educacin". " At the most they strive and they are in the school, mejor" , it has summarized the vice-president, who urged to that the scholastic failure is corrected " as soon as detecte" , so it has suggested schools have them average to it, because, in his opinion, " to educate is expensive, but the ignorance is it much more ". If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant Program. Professional formation Perez Rubalcaba has been in favor of which the professional formation leagues together to the companies, the system productive, and one permanently stimulates the workers so that they form. In the environs of the hotel where the act has been celebrated, about forty young people of the Movement 15-M, watched over an ample police device, are dndido the state school and have coreado shouts like " Rubalcaba, vente to acampada". The PP says that already the spokesman of Education of the PP in the Congress proposed, to Juan Antonio Go’mez Trinidad, has affirmed that " badly empieza" the vice-president first of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, when announcing a system of selection of professors similar to the MIR, because they already proposed the popular ones in 2010.

" Badly Rubalcaba begins doing propose that is own of the PP, because the first time that we presented/displayed this was in November of 2010" , it has assured Go’mez Trinidad. Go’mez Trinidad has been " sorprendido" of which Rubalcaba " it tries to now remove to a rabbit from the chistera " , when, in his opinion, the Executive " one has gone torpedoing any initiative that supposed an improvement for the education in Espaa". " He surprises to me () that now comes Rubalcaba after being arsonist to want to be bombero" , the popular deputy is underlining, whom he has reiterated that the PP has made the proposal announced by the holder of Interior " in different forums ". For this reason, he has considered that could have been done before, while it has considered that Gobierno " &quot could have been more diligent with the chaos of the oppositions; , since in its opinion it has carried out " a practice more than dudosa". Source of the news: The Government announces a demanding system of selection of professors similar to the MIR

Chinese Government

The Chinese Government has dismissed to two executives of the railway department of Shanghai and to the head of the Communist Party of that city like answer to the shock that took place yesterday between two trains of high speed in the province of Zhejiang, that has caused 43 at least died and more than 200 wounded, and that has put in judgment fabric the security of this type of transport in China. The three dismissed people will be put under, in addition, to an investigation, according to she has declared the Ministry of Railroads in an official notice. Before one took place the accident already existed doubts on these trains by the failures that they have had, the low demand that there is between the passengers and the indebtedness that this investment has generated.. . Click Cyrus Massoumi to learn more.

Spanish Business

It won with 92 votes, against the 88 votes obtained by its adversary, exministro Spanish of Exteriors, Miguel Moratinos Angel. Additional information at Time Warner supports this article. Jacques Diouf will happen in the position to senegals. Brazilian Jose Graziano gives Whistles was chosen east Sunday chief of a main directorate of the Organization of United Nations for Agriculture and the Feeding (the FAO) by 92 votes, against the 88 votes obtained by his adversary, exministro Spanish of Exteriors, Miguel Moratinos Angel. Jose Graziano Da Whistles, who will succeed in the position to senegals Jacques Diouf, will take possession from his new position the 1 of January of 2012. Fought battle In the first round of votings, Jose Graziano gives Whistles removed five points from advantage exministro of Exteriors of Spain, both very in front of the other four candidates to the position of chief of a main directorate of the FAO. In that round, Graziano gives Whistles obtained 77 votes, followed by Moratinos with 72, the Indonesian Indroyono Seoselio with 12, Franz Fischler of Austria with 10, Abdul Latif Rasih of Iraq with 6 and Mohammad Saeid Noori of Iran with 2. Shortly after, the representatives of Indonesia, Austria, Iraq and Iran retired of the struggle by the position and so the delegations of their surroundings were decisive at the time of distributing those votes between candidates both.

Controversial Receso of Brazil the bitter battle between both candidates reached its maximum level after the first voting, in the time of receso of 30 minutes that requested Brazil, during which the different groups established its strategies of votes, which brought about a deep confusion. Sources of the Spanish Government showed his " malaise by the decision of the table of the presidency of the FAO to grant to Brazil receso of 30 minutos". " According to the regulation of the FAO, a voting already begun cannot be interrupted, reason why from the Government we denounced the pirouette of Brazil, that we considered ilegal". The representative of Hungary protested by receso before the electoral table, and the legal adviser of the FAO assured that a voting was not being realised then properly, but it was had finished the first round. While Moratinos met in receso with the European group, the group of the 77 aligned countries did not do the own thing and he was decided to vote in block in favor of one of the candidates. Latin America turned upside down with Gives until now Whistles the assistant director of the FAO, Jose Graziano managed to also take control of the triumph thanks to many votes of Latin America that have turned upside down altogether with the Brazilian aspiring, with the exception of Mexico, has done that it by Moratinos. Graziano, that has held positions of the FAO in Latin America, has counted in the days previous to the voting with a great diplomatic equipment that are boarded commercial subjects with the Member States for the case that it was chosen. In the 37 Conference of the Organization of United Nations for Agriculture and the Feeding were presents 180 delegations of Member States that voted privily, of 191 anticipated, and a single abstention was not registered. Source of the news: Brazilian Jose Graziano gives Whistles is chosen new director of the FAO