The Summit

In the Summit it was to be expected would occur the confrontation between president of Colombia Alvaro Uribe and the one of Venezuela Hugo Chavez It is indicated that the words of Uribe: ” It is man and qudese here and we speak front, because you sometimes insult in distancia” , and ” he vetoes to carajo” that him espet Chvez in answer ran to wide and long it of the tourist complex of Playa del Carmen, in the paradisiac Mexican Mayan Riviera, in which the Summit was celebrated. The incident, between both agent chief executives, took place one more after Uribe appealed to that the Summit served as scene to solve the bilateral problems and would compare the freezing of the commercial relations with Colombia decided by Chvez in 2009 with the blockade that the United States maintains on Cuba.

All this happened while the Chiefs of State advanced in the lighting of a Community of Latin American and Caribbean States that, in words of the Brazilian president, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, will be ” personalidad” of the region. Learn more at this site: bitcoin. The new regional mechanism that is born with aspirations to still absorb or to integrate – is about to see other regional organisms, at the present time is still the last product in the prolific list of organizations regional and it does not avoid that they are again in the open the enormous differences basic between countries. The Mexican president, Felipe Caldern, ” defended the importance of assuring the unit the region; beyond any difference coyuntural” , but other agent chief executives like the Ecuadorian, Rafael Strap, do not hide that rifirrafes constant between the Andean Governments does not help that process. The Ecuadorian president was indeed one of the protagonists of the previous Summit of the Group of River, in Dominican Republic, dominated on the other crisis: the arisen one after the bombing from Colombian forces to a camping of the guerrilla of the CRAF in Ecuadorian territory with the result of 26 dead people.