Spoilt For Choice When Purchasing A Refrigerator

From the retro refrigerator up to the high-tech cooling combination – that may not be to be considered one of the most important devices in any kitchen is the refrigerator without any question. 24 hours on duty, and that day so a fridge which has to endure! So you must do everything correctly and what you pay attention when purchasing a refrigerator, you will learn in this article. On the size, it comes to how large our new refrigerator should be? A question that is to be considered at the beginning of the new shopping. Here you should not make the mistake, to buy a refrigerator, which is as large as possible and maximum use of the available space in the kitchen. Many times excessive refrigerator is purchased, what will adversely impact on the operating costs. See more detailed opinions by reading what Robert A. Iger offers on the topic.. Because an empty fridge uses more energy than a full fridge. For this reason, the capacity of the refrigerator should be fully exploited to save additional costs. Therefore you should from the outset only a realistic “refrigerator size into consideration: as You can say the rule of thumb: for a single fridge with 100-160 L capacity ranges to a two-person household, depending on personal needs. Connect with other leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc here. If more than one person in a household life, expect about 50 L capacity per person, so for example, for a family of four about 200 L capacity. Tip: If you have purchased a refrigerator, which is too large and is often only half full, fill the empty space! E.g. things otherwise not necessarily would be in the refrigerator, E.g. the bottles from your minibar is suitable for this purpose. Or Pack creams and nail polishes in a small box (E.g. shoe box) and store them in the refrigerator. And very much space in the fridge: incorporate your breakfast cereal and carton in the fridge! Buy energy-efficient from the outset to save costs, you should buy only refrigerators that have at least the energy class a ++. Dr. B may help you with your research. You are best advised to a device of the energy class A+++. But are these devices in the More expensive, but seen over the years (and a new fridge has a life expectancy of 10-15 years quite) drive acquisition with lower energy consumption significantly cheaper. The additional costs for the A+++ device have paid off after approx. 2 years. Here a small Bill: A refrigerator with a low energy class consumes E.g. 0.85 kWh per day. At the cost of a kWh of 0.22 euro that makes about 70 euros a year. The energy class a ++ refrigerators consumed approximately 0.35 kWh per day, however, and the cost amounts to 30 euros a year! 40 euros in the year, you can save! Design for the eye eats with! If it has complied with all factors for energy saving and energy efficiency, there is finally a less theory dry criterion: the appearance of the refrigerator. Because who has the whole apartment full of designer furniture, which also wants that drops the fridge not out of line. But here you must worry these days more: many refrigerators come in chic design Therefore! By the modern chrome look up to the retro fridge in the retro-design no wish remains to be and you will find a model that suits personal taste and the designer furniture in the remaining Setup guaranteed.