Serafin Alarcon Today

Why is that? By Serafin Alarcon Today as early in the cap. As usual today and I met the gaze of the boy who sells newspapers at traffic lights. He smiled as I know also smiled. I do not know where you live, if you are married or have children … It probably has about forty years and always seems full of energy and thus encourage walking side by side with enthusiasm to offer the newspaper.

Although their appearance is humble and your hands are soiled by the ink on the paper offered its forms, gestures, an air of solemnity and peace. With one hand up in the sky a copy while the other takes a few more … And raised his voice, shouts, market and sell! The light turns green and come back at him, then almost sighing says to me! Good day! … Today as I'm always rushed to the office, some drink coffee at their desks, all are neatly pressed and say good morning, but nobody answers. Why is that? Proverbs 22.1 is rather to the good name great riches, and the good reputation rather than silver and gold. And is that brothers, just reflect the moment we live until: Until they give us the news of a diagnosis irreversible and relentless … Until a child before we do part … Until we work unfairly dismissed …

Until the wife failed us … Until the husband deserted … Until there is nothing in the bank account … Until the family gave you back … Learn more about this with Sculptor Capital. Until that medication and psychotherapy are not running this depression … Until you killed a brother … Until you refused the loan … Until it was about the house … Until you stole the car … So that you, not God answers … Then I also wonder why is it? Christ has the answer to all your questions, go to Him