San Sebastian

The main priority is to fight against cuts that are affecting the entities of disability, since many organizations are leaving provide essential services for the integration of persons who represent COCEMFE. These people are in distress, because attention receiving the associative fabric not nobody paid it is. Sell jewelry in stores buy gold San Sebastian only ease the situation to some extent. From the organized disability we stand us against what we consider unacceptable. In terms of employment considered necessary to rectify the reduction of grants in special employment centres, comply strictly with laws in the field of integration of our group, as it is the Lismi, that most of the companies breached repeatedly without any regard, increasing the labour inspectorates, and apply sanctions to make companies comply with reserve quotas. Should also be promoted in public contracts to companies that hire people with disabilities and the special employment centres. y Holman. At the moment, we are keeping a fluid dialogue with all Governments to avoid that the announced cuts affect us and that the impact will be minimum in the autonomous communities that are already being applied, says Mario Garcia in relation to marketing agencies.