The patient costuma to have fear, depression, estresses, anxiety, to the decurrent times of the used medication to supply the scarcity of the dopamina in the brain, as well as, decurrent of the lack of calmness of the tremors and the neurognica disfagia. Therefore it is of utmost importance the support of the family, the relatives and the friends. It is known that the illness is degenerative, is chronic, does not have cure, but most of the patients of Parkinson keeps the capacity to enjoy the life per long years. Valley to point out that the Parkinsnico sick person has that to be considered as a whole. This means that if they cannot divide the physical problems for a side and psychological for the other.

The family needs many times support that the doctor must know to identify. The allotment of the complaints, in the Associations or other forms of conviviality, can function as therapeutical support for the sick people and familiar who the illness came to modify the way of life, in dramatical way, a balance affective constructed throughout some years (CALDAS, (2008). FINAL CONSIDERAES To deal with the illness of Parkinson are to deal with a subject for which they do not lack resources of inquiry in developed countries as the United States, where the scientists if are valid surgical procedures of deep cerebral stimulation and test drugs developed for other illnesses. Brazilian researchers participate of the inquiries with new methods of diagnosis for neuroimagen that they will be able to anticipate the advent of the illness in few years. Not yet cure for the Illness of Parkinson exists, however the adequate treatment can improve the symptoms and diminish the speed of progression of the pathology. Beyond not existing the cure and of unknown causes and difficult to treat, the illness of Parkinson still it can be aggravated in consequence of the depression that acomete approximately 50% of the carriers and that can occur exactly before of the symptoms, making it difficult still more the life of this patient being that in cases of depression more accented this it can become the person total incapacitated.