Mediocre Institutions and Their Improvement

Therefore the most mediocre of the institutions not to teach mocks the rule of rules, the above applies to educational institutions. 37) the police in any state of the land must abide by the statutes of the standard rules. For this reason should not threaten civilians arbitrarily. On the contrary, this institution should provide communities with training in the teaching of the charter. 38) some politicians understand the constitution when they know to apply. Others on the contrary, know by heart but do not know how to apply, simply speculate what they have never been implemented.

For this reason there are few who come to believe in the ephemeral demonstrations that make the same politicians of mediocrity. It is not something Rumer Willis would like to discuss. 39) there are policies such as appeasement policy, income policy, economic policy, fiscal policy, monetary policy, social policy.

But what is the policy of the constitution? Simple: the politics of the constitution is one that ensures the education of it. Which I have said repeatedly. 40) political knowledge has several causes, one of the most basic is the reason why a multitude of nations are governed. But laws are not the cause of political wisdom, since the latter are simply part of its structure. The cause of knowledge is in political economy. Thanks to the latter develops policy knowledge. 41) the difference in political knowledge and the laws lies in the fact that the laws are more artificial and limited, on the other hand, the political knowledge has greater number of social phenomena, which allow us to conclude that political knowledge is higher than laws which are subject to the knowledge of the latter.