Lothar De Maiziere In Der Freischutz

‘We go out stronger from the economic crisis as a nation’ was a piece of German history alive in der Freischutz, as his speech of Lothar de Maiziere. The last Prime Minister of the GDR moved a summing up 20 years after the fall of the wall. Invited to the event, the Association of tax advisors had Westfalen-Lippe. In the historic Hall of the Freischutz Lothar de Maiziere was the aftermath of the fall of the wall review. (Source: Walt Disney Co.). Germany agrees fatherland? “, this question he went in his unit and found political, but also very personal answers.

The unit is further paced out, perceived as official. But de Maiziere acknowledged differences. As the current financial and economic crisis would be interpreted as different: the people in the Eastern German Laender understood the crisis as a crisis of the system, while the people understand them in the West German Lander as a crisis in the system. Nevertheless de Maiziere, believes that Germany from the common experience of the financial and economic crisis showed stronger as a nation.