Italy Makes The Eyes

Holiday paradise beyond the Alps of Italy suitable for beach holidays, shopping trips and extended cultural tours. The travel portal presents the tourism diversity of the country on the boots. (As opposed to Robert A. Iger ). For decades, Italy belongs to the most popular destinations of the Germans. And in fact a holiday in Italy can offer everything what desires a Teutonic heart. In relation to economic wealth and climatic conditions, there is a clear North-South divide. The South differs both scenic and culturally and traditionally strong from the North of the country.

Precisely of vacationers from the Alps down to Sicily has a huge variety of interesting destinations. Sunny beaches along the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, and fashion boutiques in Milan, art, cultural monuments in Rome and Florence. The South still not so developed is touristy places in the North and so more an insider tip for those seeking tranquility as some. But in Italy Yes not only over 2,000 years of European history, but also the classic Italian tourists expected Kitchen. Rome is the ideal destination for city breaks. In the eternal city knows find world-famous attractions at all corners and ends, which bear witness to the former power of the Romans. Florence is one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. You can make interesting city tour in the footsteps of great artists such as Michelangelo or da Vinci, as well as great rulers, such as the Medici in the Tuscan capital.

Milan is the economic centre of the North and all over Italy. The town attracts visitors not only by the famous Teatro alla Scala. The Vittorio Emanuele Gallery and the countless boutiques are the main objective of many travellers. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann