Summary a good management should always have well-defined plans, especially its strategic planning on the basis that the company manages an operation, according to the requirements of the current scenarios, especially, where it operates. You should know foresee changes, threats and know the opportunities, knowing adequately integrate the resources of the company and to establish actions that promote the mission, vision, direction, where the members of the company to commit. It is therefore necessary to have a management proactive, able to implement strategies that are required to strengthen the strategic plan defined and leading the company on the path that gives good results. General considerations and reach the current reality of l behavior of scenarios, they show features that in some reflected a significant turbulence, product of the action of many surrounding variables occurring in it, that goes from the actions and intervention of the State with its programmes, political, laws, rules, suppliers, competition, consumers, economy by mentioning some forcing that management in defining what the strategic plan to follow, very well established the scope, impact of the strategies to be followed, in pro that the plan to achieve its goals. For more specific information, check out Gary Carter. Morales clemency, reminds us that a strategy is a set of integrated and coordinated commitments and actions designed to deliver value to customers and gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the opportunities in the market. Here, indicating, to manage the strategy requires a little evaluation of it, its impact, scope, all this, in order to make possible their development and implementation. Of course, that this process demands a set of commitments, decisions and actions so that the company can compete. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Glenn Dubin, New York City by clicking through. However, if this process is not explicit in writing, the commitments do not exist. Since then, the management to establish and use strategies, has that actors, content, scope, time, cost and purpose have thoroughly evaluated. To this is added, that to make a strategy becomes reality, one or several initiatives are defined and that these are met, a plan associated with each one of them must occur.