Good Usability

The word "usability" is now quite in vogue. Hip, we can say the word. So it is – easy to use. But is there for you any sense in improving the usability of your products? That is – does it make sense to increase their comfort use? Let's face it. For example, you have a project that already has (or implies) the mass use. This may be a web site, web service or application – whether for Windows, for Mac OS X, iPhone or for another device.

That part of your product, which is responsible for interaction with a user called "user interface". Typically, this interface makes the designer. People such as CBS would likely agree. Or, at worst, – himself a programmer. The designer is always trying to be beautiful – it is his main task. Well, a programmer at all comes from the ease of implementation. For him, accustomed to consider the product as a set of individual functions, not to approach it in terms of logic solving a problem.

And the designer, and programmer familiar with the product being developed. They know where this or that function, and most importantly – in what order to call these functions, with the help of the product to solve a task. The end user – is another matter. He was not interested in the function. All that interests him – this is the end result. And with the functions he has to deal willy-nilly. Since the products which are giving the desired result the touch of a button, no, you have to first know what steps should be run to get the result.