GmbH Travel

The Gelsenkirchen travel agency ticket point on Facebook the ability to book flights directly within the social community offers flight, flights, cheap flight, cheap flights since 18 May 2010. On the corporate side of ticket point, you can enter the required data (start and destination airport, date, number of passengers) on the tab “Book flight” and is then redirected to the homepage of the travel agencies. The visitor receives the found results there and can his travel online booking. The social network Facebook experienced a tremendous hype since 2008. More information is housed here: Comcast. Currently, the community has worldwide approximately 400 million active users, who have their own profile pages. Can imagine the user E.g. based on photos or videos and interact with other users in contact.

Still it is possible to create its own apps, such as for example the booking mask. The ticket point GmbH is a travel agency based in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Ticket point offers flights, package holidays, last minute travel and last minute flights, wellness and City breaks. The company was founded in 1998.