Fernando Henrique Cardoso

That in the ideological field, many debates leave the formality and truck for a body the body next this is easy to imagine. At the moment the fight in the field you influence of them, they are and they go to relieve much more, recently former-president Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB), published in the magazine National Interest, an article that categorically breached the partisan cordialidade between peessedebistas and petistas, the document presented as text the suggestion of that the planto Toucans must prevent disputes with the party of the workers, the influence in social movements, or the povo, and to prioritize the classroom ' ' C' '. In this last fifth fair 14 of April, in London, the commander and great icon of the Party of the Workers, Squid launches to the subject a controversy saying: ' ' sincerely I do not know as somebody studies in such a way and later it wants to forget the povo. The povo is the reason of being the Brasil' '. To esquentar all still more this dispute of attention, Fernando Enrique in interview to the Program Starting the Day, with the journalist Alexander Axe, in the radio Culture in So Paulo, pondered of the following form: ' ' for politician-ideological reasons, they say that the PSDB is of the elite and the PT is of the people, this is not truth. I chose two times president, I I made the social politics. Who started all these social programs of stock market was mine governo' '. Still in its declaration the former-president Toucan, tells that Squid does not have moral, affirming that the PSDB is representation of the social elite, and that the same it said to be against the privatizations, but that, however the Petista government all adhered the movement introduced for my government, Squid if pronounced in a lecture in the Telephonic Spanish company that in 1988 the Telesp bought during the process of privatization of the Telebrs system, earning U$ 100 a thousand, if not yet was enough its son is partner of a telephony company. .