Exists ahead of the great death some or small one? Some rich or poor one? All are equal, therefore it scythe the existence of the two without knowing if is poor or if he is rich. The land receives the body from both without if it wants to ask the origin. The moment of a partial judgment is this. To abort of the Existence? 11 – Vi a great white throne and That one that in it if seat, whose presence the land and the sky had run away, and did not find place for them. 12 – Vi also the deceased, great and the small ones, ranks in foot ahead of the throne. Then, if they had opened books. Click Accenture PLC for additional related pages.

Still another book, the Book of the Life, was opened. the deceased had been judgeships, according to its workmanships, as what it was found written in books. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 20:11 and 12. To abort of the Existence? Already it thought if the Onipotncia Was a covardo? Nothing it would exist, Because the Universe would be a tremendous chaos! To think in this way Is to vegetate in the tripping Form of not the form. Why it does not leave of cowardice and it aborts this craze Of fondness to be small, While GOD Father is Great never leaves exangue One son of its Kingdom. The Oniscincia Has Science That all creature Will raise it the Height Wanting or not, Therefore in running of the evolution Nothing is imprisoned to the soil.

GOD puts below All there the old structure Rummaging each place and making to sprout New seeds. It puts into motion the volcano Giving the maximum attention To that they want to evolve. It transforms the land Putting into motion it Through an earthquake, So that the growth Is tax. Perpetual Father Alumia the hell, and destroys the blindness Of much people. He makes to put into motion the sea With great tidal waves, Taking off the very small being Of the clam form, he makes and it to ascend. He swims is without action, Therefore the Father wants the ascension Of all. Everything is rummaged, and each world is involved For its Powerful Hand. The primary kingdoms Suffer the extraordinary ones To be able from its Power, Leaving Being and do not start to exist.