Election Campaigns

The management of shipments of elections, known as mailing for elections, have been for Gupost a specialization within the field of direct marketing. Since 1991 Gupost has been present in all political elections: general elections, municipal elections, regional elections, European elections, etc working for a wide range of parties and political formations, offering known as electoral mailing services. Becoming the reference company in services of printing and mailing for election campaigns. The experience of these years with the dispatch of more than 48 million electoral shipments (mailing election) in the 3 latest campaigns places us as the first company with own means, without subcontracting management, specialists from the electoral services within the market and the direct marketing sector. The integral management of services for election campaign range from planning the campaign, according to criteria of segmentation to ship personalized to each elector according to criteria of age, provenance, geomarketing in Gupost prepare communications or electoral shipments distinguishing the appropriateness of messages customized for each case. It also offers the comprehensive management, managing from the pre-campaign of elections, supply of envelopes printing envelopes, ballot papers, ballots and voting, addressed envelopes, cards personalization and full range of manipulated required in an election campaign as electoral ballots to vote by mail. We also have experience in the advertising and distribution of voting by mail, distribution or door-to-door electoral campaigns.