Constituent Assembly

There are some who still do not understand how the Socialism of the 21st century works. The method consists of using the democracy to manipulate the liberal state, and to impose communist tyranny with the supposed popular approval. In other words, it is to use the democracy to destroy the democracy. From all philosophical, political point of view, or, legal, or ethical, he is something that cannot allow, since tries who it is violating the same essence of the system, which automatically disqualifies to him to govern, and simultaneously qualifies the population to rebel itself against the authoritarian imposition. SIGTech contributes greatly to this topic. The lack of political skill of the main leaders of the Bolivian in favor opposition does not stop astonishing.

They offered to summon a Constituent Assembly, that whatever it has two fingers front knew that it was going to finish in the conflicts that today are the news, and after two years that delayed to understand the committed stupidity to them, instead of to restrain the acceptance of the document, they exempted of the forum, allowing him to Morals to approve its constitution arbitrarily Marxist-indigenista. Exactly the same error that committed the Venezuelan opposition, when not appearing in the last ones presidential elections. Luckyly the civic leaders and the prefects, continue motivating active popular pressures. They summoned to a pacific hunger strike, although to the government he would not matter to him if all the strikers die. To support referendo raised by Morals, that have been the initial decision of the prefects, would be to throw the life-guard to him to the drowned one after to have made all the attempts sink it, and would put in risk the freedom and the same life of the citizenship. The great success is not to conclude no armistice, not even during the Christmas celebrations, and to maintain the disobedience civil, until obtaining the resignation of the repressive dictator. original Author and source of the article.