Business Cards Silkscreen Cards

Many businessmen still refer to as a calling card to something not very important, secondary and not mandatory, and in vain! Business card today is not just a piece of stiff paper with the name and contact details owner. Business card is an indispensable attribute of business communication. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of a business card in today's business world. Think about it, because it begins with an exchange of business cards, almost any business negotiations. Business card is, in fact, the face of business, which represents the owner of the card, it is with business cards begins to form the image of a business partner, because even without knowing anything about you, the person receives your business card and forms first idea, with whom he will work in the future! Have today, sloppy, cheap business card, the same thing that come to business negotiations crumpled in a cheap suit. To broaden your perception, visit QX Limited.

Why do so many businesses scrupulously refer to its appearance, and often so inattentive to what constitutes their partners, to business cards? On production technology cards can be divided into three classes, made by one of the following methods: 1. Digital printing 2. Offset print 3. Silk screen print Each of these production methods has its pluses and minuses. Business cards made by digital printing the most popular in the first place is due to their low price, 200-400 per set, and speed production. However, digital printing has a number of significant limitations, such as in the choice of materials, such as the density of the market for this method is generally not exceeds 250 g / m, this method does not allow to print on strongly textured papers, as well as on coated papers, is also not available for most digital machines and materials (eg plastic or paper and paperboard high degree of polishing).