Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurveda massages and Ayurveda nutrition are two important arrows of in the Ayurvedic health education health. Ayurveda Ayurveda-massage therapy education considered the man in his wholeness of body, mind and soul. Only if there are these 3 levels in harmony, health can be maintained permanently. Ayurvedic massages can achieve all three levels with warm oils and essences. The subtle energies of the Ayurvedic oils which are produced according to old traditional recipes can agree to all these levels of the people towards health.

The comprehensive content of a qualified training gives coupled with an intense introduction techniques and treatment procedures of Ayurvedic oil massages in the Ayurvedic philosophy, Anatomy, Physiology and Constitution information provision. Of enormous importance, it should be in a training concept that the learners themselves experience Ayurvedic treatments, to meet their energetic qualities. This is possible if each other together rehearsed the Ayurvedamassage learning. These Experience is the basis for interactions between client and therapist. -Experience a new world of warm oil and healing touch with heart and hand – is Ayurveda-nutrition and health advice In the Ayurvedic diet has, so what should nourish the body, a big priority.

Man is what he eats. Based on his health or the signs of his illness is, how good is the metabolism. Healthy diet leads to a healthy body if other aspects is observed by health. . A healthy body and spirit can convert the food at all levels into life energy. An excess of life energy the charisma of the man causing Ojas – in Ayurveda. The health consultancy aspects of Ayurvedic teachings used to learn the tools of the trade, properly to be able to advise people, so that the received recommendations with ease can be implemented in life. The synergy of ayurvedic massages, Ayurveda nutrition and empathic health advice is an important secret of Ayurvedic teachings.