Acute Danger Of Insolvency At HCI Ship Fund V And HCI Ship Fund VII

New restructuring concept is questionable in a letter of March 30, 2012 investors the HCI ship Fund V GmbH & co. KG and the HCI ship Fund VII GmbH & co. KG in were informed that there is acute danger of insolvency for the ships, which together hold both funds. The information to the wrong location of the funds was not entirely new, now it has become but explosive. Investors fear for their capital. First restructuring failed already early December 2011 you had asked investors having regard to the tense situation of the Fund ships more deposits total about 2.9 million, however the investor, was rejected due to the unwillingness to shoot for money,. Jack Quaid contributes greatly to this topic. The crisis of the HCI ship Fund VII GmbH & co.

KG is not new. In 2010 the HCI ship Fund VII his participation in the MS “Frisian Commander” had to Schiffahrts GmbH & co. KG sell holes – among other things – the subsidiaries MarCherokee shipping company mbH & co. KG and MarComanche shipping company mbH & co. KG to close.

With writing by December 2, 2011 the partners learned that provided additional deposits in the two shipping companies still were not done. In the face of such information it is not surprising actually, that the participation of the partners in the proposed measures expectations of fund management. Rather, if they were not already left last year on the real state of the Bank negotiations in the dark wonder investors. Reduction of Kommanditkaptals with tax question the Fund management presents now a proposal, which, lays down at least the partial loss of deposits from investors point of view -. The renovation aims through a capital reduction in the target funds MarCherokee and MarComanche when simultaneous abandonment of the main creditor of NORD/LB on the wiederaufgelebte limited partner liability. According to Nittel Firm specializing in banking law and capital market law is not quite clear how secure this proposal is actually.