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Also in the field of dentistry, more and more people on the Web find out more and more patients looking for information on the Internet about diagnosis and therapy before or after a treatment at the dentist. “Once you went to the dentist who said the patient, what to do and so the thing was done”, says Dr. Saed Rahmanian, founder of the Dental Forum, the largest German-speaking patient Forum in the field of dentistry. James Corden wanted to know more. “Today the average patient concerned both before and after the treatment in the Internet to find out more: what is made exactly in the root treatment, how to extract wisdom teeth and how implants are inserted – are just some of the questions that deal with patients”, so Dr. Rahmanian from Vienna, which has launched numerous patient forums in life, to offer a complementary support to patients. The implant forum last year was newly added to the Dental Forum.

After a short time there were patients in the Forum and asking questions like: “What implants cost?”, “what is better: implants or bridge?”, “What complications can occur during implantation?” or “What is the sinus lift?” The importance of moderation by doctors is a priority for the operators. “There are many patient forums, in which patients and lay people to exchange between themselves, but only a few forums where experts also support are available with advice. Dentists from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland questions the patients voluntarily and in her spare time”, says Dr. Rahmanian. The implant Forum launched in addition to the Dental Forum in life has several categories, including “Process and implementation”, “cost of implants”, Implantologists seek “Alternatives to the implantation” as well as an area in the patient and draw on experiences from other satisfied patients. With more than 5,000 contributions the implant Forum is grown 2009, as also the parent portal Dental Forum with over 100,000 contributions has become stronger in recent years. “The challenges for patient forums are patients making clear that you can’t find a solution for all problems in the Internet, but that the Internet can be a complementary and important assistance and not more. Only through an investigation at the dentist you can make a diagnosis and perform a therapy”, says Dr. Rahmanian. Links: – patient forum for implants in the German-speaking area – patient forum for the entire range of dentistry

Dream Job

Is the new trend-full time job working from home? The topic of homework has of course in times of the Internet boom. Like never before found deals on numerous work at home jobs in relevant forums, or in the search results of major search engines. But what actually is working at home via the Internet? As there are umpteen different ways. “” Basically, one must distinguish whether it answered a job “is so rigidly defined commissioned a la make this and you get that”, as for example emails / read or register for Web pages. In this scenario, you get mostly very small amounts (quite times 0,X cents per unit) for the extremely frequent execution of certain actions. “” This can one earn little money and constantly has the risk to be deceived, by the contracting authority to pay just when it comes to dubious bonus points “or lots” instead to cash goes. In this milieu imaginary values or cents revolves around, seriously Money is almost impossible or entirely only by a disproportionate effort to reach. On the other hand there is progress still self-employed activities, all working with partner networks (E.g.

affilinet or zanox ComissionJunction) or even Google AdSense. In the area of partner networks can earn tidy sums, because you get mostly commissions in the two-digit euro range per new customer. Moreover, not steady repeating of a single activity, but rather to the continuous development of various autonomous revenue streams, which can be even possible to automate everything. This money can be properly earn. You have to go the whole thing only with the right strategy. Several strategies to deliver here”books like the rich sack. Earn work at home money on the Internet is possible for anyone.

Homework – the new trend? Homework from the PC is emerging in certain strata of the population as the clear favorite. Just mothers, due to the children in the Home to stay, have established itself in the scene. In addition also excessively many freelancers and of course low-paid workers, who build up an extra income. Paul Herman

The Small

In our opinion we would agree with limited these opinions. Dead or to end only that is Time in which simply programmed agencies on the market can have success. Despite the immense crisis is yet to hold that the image market still remains a market on the day many providers meet consumers on many. Accordingly we think it right to say that the image market by 2002 2009 is dead, but begins a new phase of the image market. Properties of this new image market: 1) 2010 / 2011 will be a market rectification period, close many just medium agencies which only have a simple image search and without specialisation to all present some of the motifs. Reason: Large agencies push from the top, are cheaper, have more choices, are usually multilingual and have many license models such as flat-rate, etc. Small agencies push from below. The small feel it no cost pressures as the Middle, are more flexible and not rarely innovative programmed.

2.) it is the new image market significantly fewer start-ups type than the years before. If over the years so far was a veritable gold rush on the image market, you will now heard more cautious tones in the forums of the Center. We know that the market has become more difficult that faster than expected on the Internet can be, and that it is significantly harder to create not only an agency, but also to keep them running. 3.) the range of photo agencies is unmanageable at present. Literally on the Assembly line, agencies were established, which show a simple image search and some nice pictures on the main page. “Exactly at this time market experts say more than ever that a slogan will decide who survives or not: either largest provider or specialist, all other providers run great risk to go under in the next hours into insignificance”.

Internet Editorial Office

The modernization of Web pages even though the companies used their reputation were concerned, but were not under such pressure as it is today. The corporate communications via Web 2.0 is located in the center of attention. The information play a major role in the global business and spread at lightning speed. All Web pages are updated. The stages of information yesterday and today the information went through earlier only such stages: if any event happened, shared in the broadcasting, with television, and then published the information in the newspaper.

Now get all Internet users which instantly, you can news discuss them in the Forum, enter into a direct dialogue with other people. The corporate communication has a huge benefit of such fast spreading the news. The information on the Internet go after ten minutes. Today close to the events, the people are very close to the action. Appear on the world wide web all new Internet newspapers, portals, that the company can use for communication.

The information agencies carry the information often does not on any editors, but directly to the reader. Any news to come automatically on the Web page of the Internet. Additional information is available at Henry Jones. Changes the role of the newspaper editor, its functions move to the Internet Editorial Office of the news agency. The Internet editorial team determines the meaning of incoming information and also the theme the Internet editorial team. The corporate communication 2.0 helps to find agencies in the network, providing a certain production today. These agencies are interested to deliver what is in demand among the customers. What can be asked for? Of course this is the moving news. The editors expect more flexibility in the work of the agencies more flexibility in the work of the agencies. The communication 2.0 can be much better if the content of the messages will fully satisfy the customers.

New Cordless Screwdriver

BeA expanded its range of highly efficient fastening for the drywall Ahrensburg, August 16, 2010. The new, specially designed for the drywall Magazinschrauber BeA SC55/3000 creates up to 900 screw with one battery charge. 50 screws can be processed as a magazine belt. With the device, the company launches a more product introduction in the anniversary year: 2010 celebrates the Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG in Ahrensburg, in the 100th year of existence. If Drywall Installers access to tool time is money. Therefore, BeA provides especially the ultimate increase in efficiency with its current products. The battery Magazinschrauber BeA SC55/3000 is a professional device that provides maximum performance even in locations with poor infrastructure.

50 magazine screws attached to the strap slip easily through the automatic screw attachment. With a torque of 20 nm, the 18-Volt device brings the respective special screws for metal stand, wood or wood-based panels at lightning speed on tours. For the most diverse applications are screws from 25 to 55 mm Length available. Up to 900 screws of type SC 3.9 x 30 mm can be processed at the Assembly of 12.5 mm strong gypsum boards onto metal stand with one battery charge. Recharging takes only 60 minutes thanks to state of the art lithium-ion technology.

With the two supplied batteries, so a nearly uninterrupted work is possible. For the marathon application stores a spare bit into the shaft of the device, which can be changed via quick-coupling in seconds. The extremely sturdy and yet lightweight construction in BeA’s proven professional quality is typical for BeA at the drill SC55/3000. “With our new battery Magazinschrauber we extend our offer for the drywall,” explains Tobias Fischer-Zernin, CEO of Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG. “Similar to like at the gas Framing Nailer CN60 we are concerned also with this device the profitability for the craftsman who can thus reduce Assembly times.” BeA introduces Forum itf end of September during the international dry construction the Cordless screwdriver in Ulm. Description of the company the company Joh. Friedrich Behrens was founded in 1910 and has evolved in its 100 years of existence into a global group of companies with a total turnover of approximately 100 million euro (2008). The hallmark of BeA stands for top-class products of fixing technology. BeA pneumatic nailer and fasteners are characterized by highest quality and reliability. To ensure this high standard in the future, the product range is continuously optimized and expanded. Using innovative technologies, BeA standards in fastening technology creates. Subsidiaries and affiliates distribute BeA products in Europe and America. In addition, well-established offices in over 55 countries contribute to the worldwide success of the BeA group. A key strength of the BeA group is the strong service philosophy. With about 75 sales and customer service employees, the BeA group is their demanding customers professionally to the page. The Group employs a total of about 400 employees, including around 30 trainees. Company contact: Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG Edison (press Compact) bow street of 43 – 45 22926 Ahrensburg Tel: 04102-78-0 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: press compact Bernd Edison Suhrenkamp 14E 22335 Hamburg Tel: 040 – 4128 5807 E-Mail: Web:

Brochure Holders

Outstanding series brochure stands and brochure holders in brushed stainless steel floor stand and wall literature holders from Star Expo Ltd. German quality made. Spiesen, June 8, 2010 – current forms of communication, for example by email, SMS, comments in social media forums, or through the own Internet presence reach an ever greater relevance and impact in the business world. But anyway most people take the “real” newspaper continue to prefer instead to switch on the digital variant of reading on the monitor. The World Wide Web is just not touch and preferably, people would have “something”. For even more opinions, read materials from Leslie Moonves. Pamphlets and brochures are superfluous under no circumstances therefore also in the Web 2.0 decade. Quite the contrary.

Indulge in an always virtual life world still “be – access” and experience with all your senses. With its significant weight, its rustling pages and also with his printer color odor brochure communicates the readers and interested parties that with him tangible products or services will be presented. So how, the brochure presents the products, the brochure stand presented the prospectus. The racks and brochure holders are among the preferred presentation media. Its still great relevance is also the Google keyword statistics: monthly search words on the subject are entered more than 80,000 times “Racks and brochure holders”. With an attractive design, a brochure holder creates optical incentives and thus additional interest. And yet he not intrusive, but remains mostly discreetly in the background: the prospective customer can decide whether he has access or not.

And just because he has that option, it accesses. On the Web, the user is, however, hardly possible to evade the advertising. You forced to take note, developed resentment against them but rather instead of interest. Particularly representative and promoting image are made of high-quality processed stainless steel racks. Star Expo Ltd. offers various models which meet the different usage requirements.

Multinational Utility Room Occupation

Summit Business ladies at the UnternehmerInnenforum in Vorarlberg, which identified the human voice and skilful personnel management as essential to entrepreneurial success. Hohenems, June 24, 2008 nothing reveals the actual emotional state as much as the human voice. Others who may share this opinion include Robert A. Iger . Uncertainty or stress inevitably resonate and can hardly be hidden. “” A big problem for women that is often in the business life: A beep voice kills each Chanel costume “, so the rhetoric coach Ingrid Amon at the second entrepreneur Forum of woman in the Vorarlberg economy” last Thursday in Hohenems. Gain insight and clarity with Henry Jones. 360 business ladies from Vorarlberg, of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany met each other to weave the network of Entrepreneurinnen in the Lake Constance area more closely.

We use the possibilities of our multinational economic area”, so Evelyn Bohler, Chairman of women in the economy of Vorarlberg. Here, california hospital medical center expresses very clear opinions on the subject. That is the case, also Governor Dr Herbert Sausgruber and President of the Economic Chamber Kuno Rahimi believe. Both were able to gain personally an impression at the event. Eisenman also the second speaker of the entrepreneur Forum. Nicole Kobjoll, head of the Nuremberg Hotel Schindlerhof: your company has managed to place 20 of currently 100 best employers in Europe. Through a variety of incentives and training, your staff are twice as productive as the German average. We create a greenhouse climate for excellence”, so Kobjoll. When the networks were seen: Liechtenstein State Councillor Rita Kieber-Beck, Diana Rauch of Chamber of Commerce St.

Gallen-Appenzell, Beatrice free – Emperor WHF internationally from Mauren FL, Hanselmann Susanne KMU-women St. Gallen, Ursula Rahman Kanu by the Association of German entrepreneurs, Margret Reiser Chairman German medium-sized businesses, Dr. Cornelia Amann Feingarntextil Dornbirn, Silvia Bitschnau, formwork Nenzing, Susanne Fritz trend products Rothis, Dr. Carmen Mangard, BTV Bregenz, Dietmar Murnig, Faigle plastics hard, Dr. Rosi Nenning, Hypo Bregenz, and many entrepreneurs and guests from the Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany. Press questions: Gotze Sieglinde Gotze Dornbirn Public Relations Tel.: + 43-5572-215921 mobile phone: + 43-664-4653514 mail:

Managing Director Sven Kamal

With the exception of the broad range of high-quality versions, ranging from Platinum to white or yellow gold, is deliberately on other materials. According to the motto: Concentration on the most precious, no distraction of the essence and that is the diamond with all its many fascinating facets. He is the most beautiful and highest quality jewel among the pieces of jewelry has always been by far. Its preciousness and aesthetics, its unique characteristics deserve our full attention. Therefore each stone with us runs under elaborate and extensive quality checks, during which he will be strictly viewed by experts and scrutinized”, stresses YORXS Managing Director Sven Kamal. The claim consists of highest quality to combine fair price-performance ratio, maximum transparency and top service. Brilliant advice whether on the Web or Cabinet fine stone, exquisite service: Buyers by Diamond jewelry are usually highest expertise. Here YORXS sets new standards for online: in addition to an intensive consulting service via phone and email, in which experts questions free of charge all the Internet jeweler provides its customers a wide range of expertise available regardless of store opening hours around the clock online can be accessed.

The information provided ranges from journalistically integrated product information and current news from the diamond industry through creative gift ideas and design tips to a remembrance service for wedding anniversaries. There is also a Web. 2.0-section with forums and chat rooms, where customers and experts intensely can interact. We want to offer the customer not only an at least as good service as established jewellers, but also open up a sensual experience, exciting access into the magical world of the Kings of the gems”YORXS Managing Director Joachim Giehl promises. This experience diamond lovers at YORXS soon offline locally. Because in addition to the website there will be promptly called YORXS cabinets in major German cities.

There you can experience the irresistible charm of cut, color, Carat & co live and inspired in peace and quiet, as well as comprehensive advice. About YORXS YORXS is a new online shop for diamonds and custom diamond jewelry. On, customers have access to over 120,000 certified and partly unique diamonds as well as on a variety of high-quality rings, pendant or earrings. YORXS offers consumers in addition to its in-depth expertise and personal advice, highest quality and safety standards, full transparency and an outstanding price-performance ratio. Also, the Munich-based online jeweler in an ethics policy to offer only diamonds from ethically unimpeachable sources agrees. Facebook: YORXS.DE service plan Public Relations Anna Hezel Harvestehuder way 42, 43 and 45 20149 Hamburg t. 040 20 22 88 8615 E.

BayerSchering Pharma

It also offers the largest forum for Exchange and networking, as well as a variety of lectures and sessions on what’s new in Oracle applications and databases. Dr. Jochen Walter, Director of the datango AG, to the strategic objective: through our acquisition of the Division of knowledge and performance solutions of Enlight AS in May 2007 we have laid an important cornerstone in the context of our global expansion. For US, a market of the future, whose potential we want to use is the United States. “With the opening of the new datango Ltd.

in Boston, as well as our strong presence at relevant exhibitions are the sails set now it applies to new shores, to go across the pond on course.” Datango AG brief description: founded in 1999 datango AG headquartered in Berlin is the technology provider in the field of E-learning and electronic performance support. The datango solutions support companies in the fast Introduction and the smooth operation of enterprise applications. From datango’s objective is to provide a high-class service and support for the successful qualification of employees and to be an integral part of any enterprise. The software solutions is characterised by the navigational aid in the live system and the automatic generation of documentation and training materials, software simulations and E-Learningwelten in practice. This allows datango increasing user acceptance with simultaneous reduction of incorrect entries and support costs. The customer base consists of internationally renowned companies such as RWE, e, BayerSchering Pharma and UBS. The partners are successful providers like IBM, CSC and Siemens business services. more information: datango AG Schonhauser Allee 10-11 D-10119 Berlin contact: Nina Butzke Tel.: + 49 (0) 30-44 35 5-0 fax: + 49 (0) 30-44 35 5-222 E-Mail: Web: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Ulrike Peter Tel.: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-29 E-Mail: Web:.

The CBK Security Security Company

CBK-security service ensures safety in the commercial as well as in the private sector although the German crime statistics for the year of 2010 has the fewest crimes with the highest rate of clarification, the security for businesses and private individuals remains an important issue. Charlie watts is actively involved in the matter. It is also not surprising, but is the decrease in crime at only two percent of registered less than in the previous year. The Minister of the Interior meant that these good numbers of dedicated police work are due to. This statement certainly applies for police intelligence work but also the German security firms play a vital role in the prevention of offences. The CBK-SECURITY SERVICE is a nationwide security company headquartered in Espelkamp in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Managing Director Carsten Brammeyer places an emphasis on a good professional training and qualification of its safety specialists in all areas. As a security company, the CBK-SECURITY-SERVICE offers its customers the complete security package with all related services from a single source. Because the company satisfied customers are the ultimate goal. The CBK-SECURITY-SERVICE ( cares especially to the property and plant protection. Looking ahead, the teams work with latest technology and the associated manpower; so, you can identify hazards and avert this as soon as possible. Property and plant protection, you rely on the can as a first some questions with the answers of individual security needs for each customer can be determined: is there a need for security? To what extent is there a security need? What are the appropriate methods to counteract the accident or other incident? In cooperation with the customers, the CBK-SECURITY SERVICE determined as a comprehensive concept of security, which is tailored to the needs of each individual. Carsten Brammeyer called programmed effectiveness”! There is only one way out of his experience, Security in the object – and plant protection to reach and make sure.