Reiki Master

The girl learns parental love, but at the same time learn that she must do everything alone and not a man can rely on. As a grown woman, she attracts men, the while lovingly are, but they do not support. She has learnt from their environment by their parents, that in a relationship the woman alone must do everything. And until she change these beliefs, she will have difficulty manifesting a relationship based on mutual support. If we believe that we have to do everything alone, then we will attract people, on which we can rely not.

If we live in constant fear to be left, then this fear attracts people, that really leave us at the end. We believe that we must work hard for our success, then will be reached only through hard work to succeed. We believe, however, that we are worth loving and wonderful people to have us around, then we attract such people. If we believe that life is easy and full of joy, then our life may be also. If we believe that work is fun and we can come to success through joy, then be successful results in the job with ease set. Next time, if you are in a situation, which frustrated or even enrages, then wonder yet again: “why I prefer this situation? What thoughts do I change, to have a positive experience?” “Where and from whom I learned that life and people are?” “What thoughts have I, that other people commit me to handle bad?” “What will I learn from this situation? Can I learn it even without the negative experience?” Go get to the bottom. Find out what beliefs behind this plug and change this pattern.

By we remind us that life is a miracle and full magic and we are a part of this miracle, we also learn that we are worth to live a life full of joy, love, harmony and wealth. We refuse to accept negative circumstances and people, and are instead willing to take our lives into their own hands by changing our thought patterns, we become the master of the victims. We create around the world around us through our Thoughts. What kind of world you decide to create?