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This returning to his country, after a long stay in the India and South Africa, verified the need to educate the youth in close contact with nature, defining this movement as a school of good civility, through Wildlife (UNESCO, UNEP, 1992). According to Valdes (1996), in Cuba, despite the work developed upon the environmental education, it has not counted with sufficient contributions of research, development and pedagogical experiences, whose results have been successful in raising the necessary quality of educational work environmental in the teaching learning process school Cuban, at different levels of education, via curricular and non-curricular environmental education is an educational process, is an approach to educationIt is a dimension, is a perspective and is an alternative education and pedagogy, which must be basically developed at school, to the social order that this confers on the preparation of children, adolescents, young people and adults, for life, and was a political, economic and social goal; Valdez, or (1996). You may find that Excelsior Pass can contribute to your knowledge. According to Valdes, 1996, toward the years 1983-1985, was able to observe little work to promote awareness of environmental values and the little implementation of protectionist activities of some ecosystems of great value by its high endemism as they are the mountainous by students, teachers, professors and the population in general. The comprehensive Plan for economic and social development of the mountain, called the Turquino Plan was created in 1987. In this plan, assisted and jerarquerizado by the Government of Cuba, was conceived the need the need for environmental protection and the implementation of environmental education as a community process, and the interrelation between the master’s work, the family doctor and engineer. This is how in the period 1987-1991, introduced a new plan of study, whose curriculum incorporated environmental education as general education content; However, this curriculum reform not led to sufficient development of environmental education in the education in rural primary schools teaching process and mountain. Time Warner shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.