White Skin Cancer Basal Cell Carcinoma

White (light) skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma known together with another form of skin cancer, the Spinaliom also known as Heller or white skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma. The black cancer occurs less frequently. The black cancer is often a mole that looks dark. The intense sunlight can cause a white skin cancer, especially if it was exposed to sunlight for years. But also the genetic development can be decisive in the white cancer. If you’re in the Sun, so the rays, especially on the face, neck, ears come.

And he can attack precisely these points. You always removed the basal cell carcinoma. That could happen by a radiation or a surgical procedure. But science discovered something new all the time. The white skin cancer can be treated now also more gently.

Today there is the Photodynamic therapy. Also, if you apply today new drugs for the treatment of white. Nextar Media Group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. These include the following for example: 5-fluorouracil, Imiquimod. Like almost in all diseases, it is also in white cancer great advantage, if it is detected in time. Then there is more hope of success, he will heal better. Everyone should be careful with his health, better once more examined than not to do. How do you behave in the Sun? What actions should you take? Sometimes it don’t depends on the people, it is easy to be forced in the blazing sun. Can he protect themselves in these circumstances? Yes, he can. He can do much to not fall ill to the white cancer. The sun cream might help for example. The white cancer (basal cell carcinoma) is actually a tumor. It is the skin cancer. If not immediately treated the white cancer, it can spread quickly. He can grow continuously. The white cancer rarely metastasizes. The physician therefore classify him to half malignant diseases. People who are usually somewhat older get the white cancer.