Understanding Holistic Education

Posted by admin at October 10, 2017

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Holistic education recognizes the multiple dimensions of human being: physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual, so walk to the perennial ideal of a comprehensive individual living in a harmonious world “Holistic education is a path of wisdom, love and compassion, is the art of making us aware of our true nature is a way of life where we allow ourselves to live in the light of universal love. This educational model may be applicable for any educational level, is to make internal changes (rather slow but insurance) through simple activities can develop the conscience of every human being as a chain until it stops be local to become a global awareness. Holistic education is the tool we can use to leave a current global issue, since it is the only way we can integrate databases to find the answer which we have sought the emptiness inside of us humans. Speaking candidly Walt Disney told us the story. In it the twenty-first century education must be first and foremost a moral education, first be a good human being and on this basis form a good professional. BIBLIOGRAPHY Ramon Gallegos Nava. Holistic Education.

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