Toward Global Business

The main cause of poverty or financial difficulties is fear and ignorance, this plus the economy and government. Going to school is very important, you learn a skill or profession and so you become someone who adds something to society. The truth is that today’s bachelor’s degrees, including undergraduate and graduate work are not guarantees of safe and secure income. Our parents say: “Stay in school and get good grades, so you can find a secure job.” It is important to education and employment, but that does not control the fear. Today, fresh from a professional of any profession can only hope to get a job with a defined contract term not exceeding six months or a year, and revenues of no more than $ 800.000.oo approximately USD330 (practically the same a technologist). This is not a guarantee in the medium to long term, more so in the coming months to panic and constant fear generated by uncertainty not knowing if you renew the contract.

Thinking that a job will make you feel secure is lying to yourself. Being employed means working hard for little money, living with the illusion of some financial security, living with the illusion of three weeks of vacation a year and finally living with a small pension after 45 years of hard work. Employment is only a short-term solution to a problem long term. Financial freedom means that even though if you are not working their wealth grow automatically without stopping. It’s like planting a tree, water it for several years and one day no longer requires more. To broaden your perception, visit Walt Disney. Its roots have penetrated deep enough.

Since then, the tree provides shade for you to enjoy the rest of his life. What Are Your Dreams? While an employee is an alternative, this will not achieve our dreams and living standards as we would like to have. Do you dream of a house of 60 square meters or one of at least 100 meters? A second car or new model 80 latest model? “Holiday in your home via the 65 channels or on beaches you always wanted to visit? Do not give up your most desired dreams, if you can not decide firmly, never learn to make money. The poverty and misery Many think they are poor by divine will, do not understand why his picture is still dark, if they work hard to improve their conditions. But the reality is that there are social, economic and political prevent millions of people break the impasse in which they are posted. There are specific situations that prevent people ascend socially and live with dignity, below are some: Child Labor: When a parent forces a child to work to increase household income. Illiteracy: some parents do not send their children to work, much less to study. Working Capital: lack of credit is an impediment to getting ahead in business. Malnutrition and disease: productivity is directly related to health. Teens Pregnant: When a minor becomes pregnant, you generally must leave school. Crime and Violence: the lack of education and opportunity allows young people to cultivate professional gangs. Tax Trap: difficulties in paying taxes. The most recent data show that 49.2 percent of Colombians live in poverty, and 14.7 percent in poverty.