The Trays

Physical distribution and the setting of the store are always different in each case and hardly possible to do the same in all places. Even when we talk about chains of supermarkets or franchise stores, each case should be studied on an individual basis to respond to the buying habits of consumers. Remember that we are not doing a store, supermarket, or other types of commercial property to meet us to ourselves or our business model, but to make sales, make money. IV. implementation of the linear. The implantation of the linear refers to the way we organize the trays of the gondolas. To perform this deployment is necessary the implementation of all concepts used in setting general but led to the specific case of each nacelle. The gondolas are sectioned to be able to accommodate cost-effectively different SKUs that must go in her responding to the approach or planning in the distribution made by sections that was made for the store.

We should also remember that We previously discussed that when we make the planning of the sections and the stock you will have in each one of them should first consider the overall strategy of the business, the physical space which we have second and third the target that we went. The allocation of spaces depends on several factors, among them, the net benefit that we get with the sale of a unit of the product, the sales price of the product and the participation of the general market that has this product. We must also consider the buying habits of our customers. Apart from displaying the products we are offering for sale, gondolas should attract the attention of buyers, facilitate the work of purchase, sell and achieve sales by impulse. The gondola is where is carried out the last battle of all actors of the marketing for the consumer or customer to prefer your product is why we develop even more this topic (the implementation of the linear) in an article that will be available also.

V. animation at the point of sales. The animation at the point of sales refers to actions that we carry out to make the experience of buying more attractive and pleasant for our buyers. Many of these animation activities are carried out with the cooperation of our suppliers, other times entire responsibility and authorship of the sales point. Some forms of animate the point of sales: contests collectible tasting fairs samplings exhibitions out of coupons promotional offers gondola offers value added advertising at the point of sales exhibitions season special themed decorations among others. There are no limits for animation in the point of sales. Every day there are new applications and new ways creative impress and attract buyers. What are you doing to impress its visitors and buyers? Has it fallen in the monotony and routine? Ask your buyers, how can you satisfy them more? Do need you review your business model? They are your consumers the same or have the same habits two years ago or six months ago? Our sales room layout and merchandising executions have a huge impact on our business. Check and make an analysis of your local time to time, I think that could do it every six months or annually. Remember do not recommend what make very abrupt changes, but go in constant evolution to go hand in hand with its customers and consumers. Leave it up there for now, have good sales.